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Evening Lectures

Blended Modern Quilts - Susan Madu

Friday May 28, 7 pm

Cost: $20

Take a “Blended Modern” journey with Susan Madu of Modern Blended Quilts.  Susan will share selected projects from her work and her workshop participants, illustrating her interpretation of Modern Traditionalism.  Have you considered “dipping your toes” in the Modern Traditionalism style and incorporating some elements in your quilts?  Let Susan show you how! Susan’s fundamental belief we all are quilters and we have more in common than the different quilting genres would suggest.  The presentation will be followed by a question and answer session.  During the last 5 - 10 minutes of the presentation Susan will share a few helpful tips and tricks.  

Why Medium is Never Quite Right - Kate Atherley.

Saturday May 29, 7 pm

Cost: $20

the biggest challenge for many who are starting a garment project is knowing which size to make.  This lecture will show you how to decide - and set you well on the way to a successful and flattering garments. We'll explain how to read sizing tables and schematics to understand how a garment is sized.  We'll show you how to measure yourself properly to make a right choice.  And more importantly, we'll explain garment fit, including demystifying terms like "negative ease" and show you how to choose the right pattern from the start.


The Quilted Landscape - Gloria Loughman

Sunday May  30 - 7 pm

Cost $20

Have you thought about making a quilt to capture your memories of a special place?  Perhaps a wonderful holiday destination, a view from your lounge room window or a memory of a special place from childhood.  No matter what the inspiration, creating a landscape quilt is an achievable project.   The process combines making decisions about design and color choices as well as incorporating accurate construction techniques.   This lecture and slide show will focus on these components, solving the mystery of where to begin.


Aurifilosophy Lecture - Gail Heller

Monday May 31 - 7pm

Cost $20

Join Gail Heller, certified Aurifiosopher for a live powerpoint lecture.  Gail  will provide you with great insights into Aurifil’s history,  the production process and what makes Aurifil the great thread it is for your quilting and embroidery projects.  Did you know that the major European fashion houses also use Aurifil thread when sewing their couture gowns?  Gail will share this bit of information and much more during this lecture.  Gail will also discuss the various thread weights and what weight(s) you should use for various projects; piecing, quilting, embroidery and hand stitching will all be covered.   Gail will share  quilt and embroidery project photos and she will have some live show and tell items as well. 



Designer Fashion Trunk Show - Ron Collins

Tuesday June 1 - 7 pm

Cost $20

Ron will showcase his garments from his Vogue pattern line, with his sought after shirts, jackets, pants and outwear.  He will inspire you on changes with different fabrics, linings, trims and detail.  See how interfacing and underling will “break” or “make” a garment in knits, woven and stretch woven.  He is the only Canadian male designer and loves to share his techniques, knowledge and design details with other sewers.


Sewing Space Ideas - Jan Bones

Wednesday June 2 - 7pm

Cost: $20

Whether you have 1 table, 1 closet or 1 room, sewing areas need to bring together function, versatility and enjoyment. Join Jan to see practical ways to create great sewing areas. Learn about innovative cutting tables, comfortable sewing surfaces, good lighting and many ways to best maximize your space. From inexpensive easy-to-do homemade tricks to custom ideas, this informative lecture has very valuable information for sewers.


The Latest and Greatest in the Quilting World - Gail Heller

Thursday June 3 - 7 pm

Cost: $20

Gail Heller, owner of Canadian distributor Erie Quilt Art Inc. will share her insights into the quilting industry's hot trends and great products...from the latest and greatest fabric lines to the must have notions and threads that will make your quilting life easier and more fun.  Gail will also share her insights into where the quilting industry is going in the future and you will come away energized and eager to take part. 




Creativity in Times of Covid - Ana Buzzallino

Saturday June 5 - 7 pm

Cost : $20

Covid-19 has changed our lives.  We have been enveloped in a tsunami of news about the virus.  We've had to self-isolate, social distance, wash our hands, etc.  All that, on top of everything else that's going on in the world, has taken a toll on our creativity and motivation.

In this PowerPoint presentation, I share my view - together with some experts - on how to stay creative and motivated in times of stress.  And how important it is to our well-being and mental health.

I hare ideas that will help you stay connected with you own creativity and find the motivation to move forward.