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Evening Lectures - if you are registered for a class you will receive the links for these lectures at no charge.  If you are not registered for a class the fee for each lectures is $10.  


Ana Buzzalino - What is Colour

Friday May 27 - 7 pm

Overview: Wassily Kandinsky said:  “Colour is the keyboard; the eyes are the hammers, the soul is the piano with many strings.  The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another purposively, to cause vibrations in the soul”.  Learning about color relationships begins with understanding the placement of colors around the color wheel which is not random.  In this presentation, I’ll be sharing some research into what colour is, how we see colour, and then talk about colour attributes, colour schemes, etc.  Samples will be shown.




Roberta Wynnyk 

Saturday May 28 - 7 pm

Overlocker Optics Specialty Feet & Accessories Demo

Whether you are about to purchase your first serger or have been an owner since the “craze of the ’80’s”, you’ll want to know what you can do with all those interesting specialty feet and accessories out there.  In this demo, we will show you what you can do with all those unusual extras.



Jan Bones - Sewing Spaces

Sunday May 29 7 pm

Overview: Whether you have 1 table, 1 closet or 1 room, sewing areas need to bring together function, versatility and enjoyment. Join Jan to see practical ways to create great sewing areas. Learn about innovative cutting tables, comfortable sewing surfaces, good lighting and many ways to best maximize your space. From inexpensive easy-to-do homemade tricks to custom ideas, this informative lecture has very valuable information for sewers.



Lynn Swanson - Be a Quilt Designer

Monday May 30 - 7 pm 

Designing a quilt has NEVER been easier!

would you like to ‘see’ your quilt and visualize the results before you cut one piece of fabric? Would you like to scan a quilt pattern and have a digital cutter cut your fabric with perfect precision?  Would you like to ‘fussy cut’ even the smallest piece of fabric?

Lynn is going to show you the ease in which you can use these Brother tools to advance your quilting to the next level.  Brother’s Advanced Quilt Software will let you be the designer of your quilts and blocks and let you see the end result before you even start cutting.  Send the designed blocks to the Brother ScanNCut to digitally cut fabric, quickly and precisely with either the fabric blade or the new rotary blade.  Assemble and quilt at the Brother Quilt Club BQ3100 using the many features designed with quilters in mind, including laser guidelines to help you achieve that perfect ¼” seam.  You will see just how easy it is to be your own quilt designer.


Aurifilosophy Lecture - Gail Heller

Tuesday  May 31 - 7pm

Overview: Join Gail Heller, certified Aurifiosopher for a live power point lecture.  Gail  will provide you with great insights into Aurifil’s history,  the production process and what makes Aurifil the great thread it is for your quilting and embroidery projects.  Did you know that the major European fashion houses also use Aurifil thread when sewing their couture gowns?  Gail will share this bit of information and much more during this lecture.  Gail will also discuss the various thread weights and what weight(s) you should use for various projects; piecing, quilting, embroidery and hand stitching will all be covered.   Gail will share  quilt and embroidery project photos and she will have some live show and tell items as well. 



Susan Madu - The Polished Finish

Wednesday June 1 - 7 pm

Susan’s lecture  is a potpourri of number of tips and techniques from: construction, pressing, preparing your quilt for quilting, binding, facing, hanging and finally labeling a quilt to preserve it’s history.  Sometimes it is the simplest of techniques that can help you elevate the quality of your quilt project. How do you prepare a quilt for quilting?  Simple things such a trimming threads, edge stitching and pressing can make the difference for both domestic and long arm quilting your project.

This presentation is delivered in both Powerpoint slides and hands on sharing of samples.  When I last delivered this presentation, participants were madly taking notes for later reference. Of note, I will be speaking “live” to the slides as opposed to having recorded the audio for the slides.  Time permitting, a question and answer session will follow the presentation.


Michael Smith - Janome Tips Tricks and Techniques and Covid-19 Creative Challenge Presentations

Thursday June 2 - 7pm

 Join Michael, National Education Manager for Janome Canada as he shares some of his top techniques for quilting and sewing.  He will share his many tips on threads, acufeed flex, presser feet and SEW much more during his presentation that will help you make your sewing easier!

Following his presentation the judges of our challenge event will join us to provide and overview of the challenge and announce the winners.