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Beverly Johnson - Hamilton, Ontario

altWhat would ever possess   Since 1995 Beverly Johnson has taught bra-making, underwear, swimwear and corsetry to over 50,000 women! Whether they have taken classes from her here at the Stitches Conference, an online class at Craftsy or in her store in Hamilton, her students call her the "Fairy Bra Mother"  Beverly has written many books on intimate apparel, as well as developed her own line of patterns, called Pin-up girls.  Let Beverly share the magic of Bra Making with you!


Jeanette Spornitz - Grand Prairie, Alberta

altJeanette has been sewing ever since she can remember. She is skilled in alterations and she became interest in sewing a bra as she could never find one to fit.  That led here on the path to sewing bras for myself and then taking the Professional Bra class with Beverly Johnson in Hamilton. Since that class I have assisted Beverly Johnson teaching bra making at the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference to and in 2018 I taught the Beginner Bra Class there.  I also teach students how to make bras, swimwear and other intimate apparel in Northern Alberta and Saskatchewan and custom design bras for clients in the Grande Prairie area. There is no better experience than to watch a student try on a bra she has made, and it fits.



Ron Collins – Saskatoon, SK

Designer, speaker and teacher, Ron is Canada’s best-known sewing personality.  He has inspired audiences with appearances on HGTV, SewPerfect, Life Network, CTV, Sew Much Fun, Eyes on Toronto, as well as being a guest instructor at the Helen Lefeaux School of Fashion Design in Vancouver.  He will amaze you with his vast collection of creative and unique shirts, jeans, ties, vests, jackets and outerwear.  Together Ron and Sandra Betzina (Power Sewing) have produced five DVD’s along with an on-line TV show that debuted in January, 2009.  Sandra proclaims that Ron is the most promising star in the field.  He is talented, hardworking and handsome – an absolute natural!  Lucky for us, he also loves to teach.


altBonny Voice – Saskatoon, SK

Bonny is a self described fabricoholic and she loves to quilt and sew. A well spent day for her is one spent in her sewing room designing and making her next quilted project. Bonny's been teaching sewing and quilting, for most of her adult life. She's taught across Western Canada and at four Quilt Canada conferences. She's also exhibited her work in numerous shows and galleries. Bonny returns each summer to her home province of Saskatchewan for an extended visit so that she can spend time with her family and friends.



altLiz Thompson – Vancouver, BC

Liz Thompson has been actively involved in the sewing industry since 1992.  She started sewing at the age of nine and has been passionate about it since.  Before immigrating to Canada, Liz founded her own sewing school and retail store specializing in heirloom sewing and smocking.  For the past 15 years, Liz has been travelling and teaching sewing across Canada.  Her favorite form of sewing is quilting, but she calls herself a “bag lady” as she loves to try out new ideas for bags.  She could not manage without her elna serger and loves to embellish projects with decorative stitching and machine embroidery.  She currently is the National Education manager for Janome and Elna sewing machines. 


 altJan Bones – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Jan Bones is an accomplished teacher, author, designer and pattern maker.  She travels across Canada and United States teaching sewing seminars and hands on workshops.  Jan has designed a successful line of sewing patterns called “Lingerie Secrets”.  “Threads” magazine has published nine of Jan’s informative and educational articles and the “What’s New” publication has printed one as well.  Excellent reviews of Jan’s work have appeared in “The Creative Machine”, “Vogue Patterns Magazine” and the “Western Producer”.  She is a contributing author to a collection of stores entitled “Women Artists”.  Jan designs elegant ballroom dancing costumes, costumes for theatre productions and a wide range of outer wear designs for winter sports.  Jan has been hired as a consultant in different sectors of the garment industry and has been retained by other areas of manufacturing that required her unique technical construction skills.

Since 1978, Jan has taught pattern design, garment construction, tailoring, draping and fitting in the Clothing and Textiles Department at the University of Manitoba.  Jan also teaches the “Apparel Design” Certificate Program, an evening class taught through Continuing Education Division, also at the University of Manitoba.  Visit her website at www.sewinglingerie.com.


altHeather Grover – Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Heather Grover (McDermid) and raised in Renfrew, Ontario.  She grew up loving art, she studied Art Illustration (textiles as well as weaving silk painting paper making, print making, and pottery) at Sheridan College in Toronto, Ontario for four years.  At this point in her life she married Michael Grover and moved to Europe and studied for three years.  Once she was back in Canada she did a lot of art work for the military, of which many of her pieces are in Museums.  When she moved from Petawawa, Ontario to Moose Jaw, Heather dabbled a bit with quilts but once settled in Moose Jaw she took it up full time.  In 2004 Heather incorporated her art work into quilting.  Heather worked in traditional style of quilting (Square in a Square, Piecing, etc.)  She now does a lot of work with the fiber arts and also felting.  She is always trying something new which she incorporates both styles of quilting.



Dianne Jansson – Pritchard, BC

After attaining an Australian degree in Home Economics and Teaching dressmaking for many years in Australia and Canada, the last 25 years have seen Dianne’s focus change to quilting.  Technique, rather than artistic design, is the basis for most of her machine piecing workshops, with colours playing a strong role.  Dianne believes that quilting is meant to be a pleasurable activity and encourages students to adapt designs to suit their own needs.


altMichelle Miller – Bienfait, Saskatchewan

Inspired by nature she is renowned for creating works of art out of recycled wood, fabric, metal, glass and more, unafraid to try something out of the ordinary.  Her unique creations are always in demand.  Once exposed to rug hooking she quickly developed a love for primitive designs and enjoys sharing her talent and passion. Two of her designs have been recently featured in A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine.



altGlenda Hudson - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Glenda has owned The Wool Emporium in Saskatoon for nearly twenty years.  Before purchasing the store in 1995, she worked for two knitting machine companies as an educator and rep.  Since then she has spent her time in the store during the day and teaching in the evenings. It seems like a bit of a backwards progression, learning to knit and crochet then moving on to spinning and dying yarn but it is the path that many of us follow.  Needing a new challenge is usually the push that takes us in new directions.   The Wool Emporium Inc now offers over twenty-five different classes - all but three are taught by Glenda.  These include four different textured spinning classes, making your own winter boots, beginners to advanced knitting and crochet workshops and making your own designer knitting needles.


altAnna Dalvi - Ottawa, Ontario

​Originally from Sweden, Anna Dalvi has published five books and been publishing knitting patterns on-line since 2007. Her most popular designs are the Mystic lace shawls, originally published in a mystery knitalong format, which have attracted 7,000+ knitters worldwide.  Anna enjoys variety  more than anything else - from intricate lace to sprawling cables, and differences in colour and texture. 



altWendy van der Walt - Swan River, Manitoba

For over 22 years, Wendy has been in the business of making colorful dreams come true!  For the first 15, Wendy was the Creator and Faerie Godmother of Faeries from the Prairies, a costume and clothing manufacturer you might have seen at a Canadian Craft sale near you.  Currently, Wendy is the Chief Creative Shenanigator and Hand Holder at Fabriculous Fresh Modern Fabrics in Manitoba.   Opening in early 2012, Fabriculous has expanded and evolved to include two locations, shows and teaching engagements across western Canada, as well as legendary retreat hosting!   Wendy and her husband George have also developed their own line of Collage, Bag Making and Quilting designs and patterns under the Fabriculous banner.   The heart of the business, as well as the energy behind its growth has been Wendy’s enthusiasm and excitement for taking projects that seem intimidating and daunting, and making them fun, fast and accessible for everyone.  “You can do this!” is her favorite thing to say!

altRoberta Wynnyk - Edmonton, Alberta

Roberta comes to us from BERNINA of Canada where she has worked since 2004.  She has always loved creating at the machine and started by sewing clothing for her dolls and then herself.  Her hobby lead her to the University of Alberta where she graduated with a B.Sc. in Clothing and Textiles.  As life progressed, her sewing focused on home décor, children's wear and then teaching others what they could do.  She is an accomplished seamstress and loves using digitizing software and embroidery on all her projects.  Her newest venture is into quilting with rulers and she has written a Ruler Work technique book.


altBernie Tobisch - Vancouver, BC 

Bernie Tobisch was born in Germany and moved to Canada as a young boy. He grew up in Saskatchewan and moved to Alberta in his early twenties, where he began his career as a sewing machine technician with Singer. He became a dealer after a few years and continued to service machines. In the late 1980s, he moved to the Vancouver region, opened up shop, and has been there since. Together with his wife Shelley they have worked together for the last twenty years teaching classes on Precision Piecing, machine quilting, and getting to know your sewing machine. 


altShelley Tobisch - Vancouver, BC

Shelley Scott-Tobisch discovered her love of quilting after immigrating to Canada from the United States in 1986. The desire to share her passion for quilting led her to begin a teaching career soon after. Shelley’s love of scrap quilts, pursuit of precision and desire to make it more easily attainable led to the development of the techniques and tools used in the Easy Precision Piecing System. It is important to Shelley that her students have success with the techniques taught in her classes. Her focus in class is to ensure that information is presented in such a way that her students can continue to use their newfound skills with confidence. Shelley is the author of  Easy Precision Piecing  and with her husband, Bernie cofounded Little Oak Patten Co. Ltd. in 2011. Together they developed Acorn Precision Piecing products for the Easy Precision Piecing System. Shelley and Bernie - a.k.a., “Team Tobisch” - teach classes in the United States and Canada.