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All Classes listed are in person at the Abbey and College, the ones marked Hybrid are offered virtually as well. 

We are working on the supply list links, and hope to have them all live soon, thank you for your patience!


Click here to view the 2023 Saskatchewan Stitches Conference comprehensive schedule.


How Hybrid Classes Work

The instructors will be with us at St. Peter's College, in class participants will be able to see all demos via the smart board at the front of the room (as seen in the photo) while those at home will see and hear the exact same thing on their devices. We are so fortunate that the college is fully equipped to teach in this format.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.  Please keep in mind that virtual participants need to be registered in plenty of time for us to be able to mail out kits for their classes. 



Beverly Johnson Classes

Class:  Bra Draft and Design (Hybrid) FULL

Click here to download Bra Draft and Design Supply List

Date:  Monday June 5 - Wednesday June 7  from 9 am - 4 pm

Registration Fee: $450.00

Class Overview:  Do you want to learn how to draft bra patterns from unique body measurements, either for yourself or for clients in a custom business? If so, take advantage of this class to experience the marriage of art and engineering.  

Learn to take precise measurements, the tools necessary, then draft the frame, band, bridge and the cups. You will learn to correct fitting challenges that arise from inaccuracies in measuring. As a bonus, you will learn how to change the basic draft into designer looks.  

You will not do any sewing in the class as this is a bra theory class only. You MUST be very familiar with the construction methods of a bra including full and partial band styles. No construction will be taught or reviewed. 

This is a last chance opportunity to learn from the best in the business, as this is her last year teaching. This is a Premium hybrid class, meaning there are limited in-person spots as well as limited online spaces available.

Class:  Professional Bra fitting & Alterations (Hybrid) FULL

Click here to download Professional Bra fitting & Alterations Supply List

Date:  Thursday June 8 - Saturday June 10 - 9 am - 4 pm

Registration Fee: $450.00

Class Overview:  If you are interested in taking your bra fitting skills to the next level or wish to pursue bra-making on a custom level, this will be the ultimate class for you to learn from the best.  You will learn to fit any garment using a bra as its foundation, and learn to overcome challenges such as uneven cup sizes, low contour, petite cups and Omega shapes.

You will not do any sewing in the class as this is a bra theory class only. You MUST be very familiar with the construction methods of a bra including full and partial band styles. No construction will be taught or reviewed. This is a last chance opportunity to learn from the best in the business, as this is her last year teaching. This is a Premium hybrid class, meaning there are limited in-person spots as well as limited online spaces available. This class is perfect to take with Bra Design & Draft.



NOTE:  These will be the last Bra making classes we are able to hold until the 2025 event


Class: Bra Making Fundamentals (Hybrid)

Click here to download Bra Making Fundamentals Supply List

Date:  Friday June 2 & Saturday June 3  from 9 am - 4 pm

Registration Fee: $240.00       

Kit Fee: $65.00 includes pattern, fabric and findings.

Class Overview:  This comprehensive 2-day workshop includes a custom bra fitting prior to the workshop.  (This normally takes place the day/evening before the workshop as it allows us to take full advantage of the construction and techniques taught during the workshop) You will learn all of the construction techniques required to sew all types of bras and intimate apparel.  In this workshop we will focus on the full band classic bra.  The first day begins with theory on fabric and find and then cutting out the fabric with a bra pattern altered specifically for each student.  The second day is devoted to the completion of the bra, testing the fit and adjusting the pattern if necessary.  If time permits you will start on a second bra with lace accents.


Class: Basic Bra Fitting Alterations (Hybrid)

Click here to download Basic Bra Fitting Alterations Supply List

Date:  Sunday June 4,  from 9 am - 4 pm

Registration Fee: $135.00       

Kit Fee: $10.00 - instruction booklet

Class Overview:  This new one-day workshop will show you how to your existing knowledge of how to sew a bra and expand by showing you how to provide minor adjustments to your pattern.  You will learn how to make pattern adjustments to make your classic style bra fit even better.  Jeanette will teach you how to make minor adjustments to the pattern you have or how to fit yourself or others from the pattern.  This is a great workshop to take if you have changed sizes in your bra and require a newly fitted size. You will learn how to draft the basic adjustments all parts of the bra as well as learn a couple of adjustments to make your bra even more comfortable.

Bra Making Fundamentals workshop or knowledge of bra construction is a prerequisite.

You will require a copy of your bra pattern you are currently using or any diagonal style bra such as the Pin Up Girls Classic Bra Pattern you would have received in Bra Making Fundamentals or Beginner Bra Workshops.


altClass: Ingrid Workshop (Hybrid)

Click here to download Ingrid Bra Supply List

Date: Monday June 5 and Tuesday June 6 from 9 am - 4 pm

Registration Fee: $240.00

Kit Fee: $65.00 includes fabric, findings and pattern

Class Overview: This 2-day workshop offers you the opportunity to learn to make a wireless supportive bra that has two different font closure options.  In this workshop you will take your bra making skills to another level where you can use the Ingrid bra pattern as a starting point for a variety of options from a dress bra to a sports bra to a swim top and many styles in between.  This pattern fits a multitude of sizes and is an

Bra Making Fundamentals workshop or knowledge of bra construction is a prerequisite. 


Class: Bralette (Hybrid)

Click here to download Bralette Supply List

Date: Wednesday June 7 from 9am to 4pm

Registration Fee:  $135.00

Kit Fee: $65.00 includes pattern and all materials required to make one bralette

Class Overview:  During this one day workshop you will learn to make the basic bralette.  This is a very user friendly pattern which gives you 16 options to make many great fitting comfortable wireless bralettes.  This is a supportive bra alternative for smaller sized breasts. In this workshop you will learn how to work with bra foam, fold over elastic and a cup covering fabric   Bra Making Fundamentals workshop or knowledge of bra construction is a prerequisite.


 altRon Collin's Classes






Class: Ultimate Sewing Retreat FULL

Click here for Ultimate Sewing Retreat Supply list

Date: Friday June 2, Saturday June 3 and Sunday June 4 from 9 am - 4 pm

OR: Thursday June 8,  Friday June 9 and Saturday June 10 from 9 am - 4 pm

Registration Fee: $350.00

Class Overview: Three days with Ron Collins and the ultimate sewing retreat. Is fitting your nemesis?  Bring your favorite patterns and muslins to uncover tips and techniques for fitting. Go home with patterns altered just for you. Is it time to liberate some of those fabrics you are afraid to cut into?  With Ron by your side and you working on whatever you want, he will teach you some time saving techniques for professional looking results.  All levels welcome, from beginners to extremely advanced.  If you just want to relax and have a great time, bring any sewing project your heart desires and Ron will help you overcome those trouble spots in fit and construction.  Get ready to sew!



The Most Ultimate Jean Fitting & Construction Workshop

Click her for Ultimate Jean Fitting & Construction Workshop  Supply List

Date: Monday June 5, Tuesday June 6 and Wednesday June 7 from 9 am - 4 pm

Registration Fee:  $350.00

Class Overview:  Can you imagine trying on 3 different jean patterns in a total of 48 sizes before you start to sew and cut your fabric.  Well Ron has sewed the Closet Core "Ginger" pattern in view A from 0 - 32 and View B from 0 - 20 and the Jalie "Eleonore" in sizes 4 - 22 for you to try on!  The workshop will start off with you trying on the jeans and Ron identifying your fitting problems and will give you the necessary alterations (flat seat, protruding seat, low seat, knock/bowed legs, gaping waistband, length, etc.) for you pattern before  cutting your fabric.   Also learn how to sew a hidden stay front to create a smooth and clean silhouette, giving the appearance of a flatter front.  Sew the worlds' best fly zipper technique that moves the zipper further into the garment and prevents the zipper from being exposed at the centre front.  Learn Tricks behind top stitching, bar tacking, belt loops, hammer in snaps, rivets and waistband applications


altLiz Thompson's Classes




Class: Serger Workbook (Hybrid)

Click here for Serger Workbook Supply List

Date:  Wednesday June 7 - 9 am - Noon

Registration Fee:  $75.00

Kit Fee:  $15.00

Class Overview:   MAKE FRIENDS WITH YOUR SERGER.  Let’s review serger basics so that you and your serger can become the best of friends! This will be a great serger skill building exercise where we will review threading, settings and more. You will also make a very useful reusable shopping tote with your serger skills.  All Machine brands welcome


Class:  Coverhem Workbook (Hybrid)

Click here for Coverhem Workbook Supply List

Date:  Wednesday June 7from 1 to 4 pm

Registration Fee:  $75.00

Kit Fee: $15.00

Class Overview: MAKE FRIENDS WITH YOUR COVERHEM MACHINE.  Let’s review the basics of coverhem machines plus trouble shooting for a happy relationship with your coverhem machine! This will be a great coverhem skill building exercise where we will review threading, settings and more. You will make stitch samples to attach to workbook pages as well as a clever little tissue holder for your purse.   All Machine brands welcome. 


 Class: Hot Summer Nights (Hybrid)

Click here for Hot Summer Nights Supply list

Date: Thursday June 8 from 9 am to 4 pm

Registration Fee: $135.00

Kit Fee:  $10.00

Class Overview: Put your serger and coverhem to good use as you make a lovely summer nightie. Simple, cool and practical - You will want to make more of these after the first one! Depending on fabric choice, this could also be a breezy and cool summer dress.



Class: Ice Dyeing Adventure

Click here for Ice Dyeing Supply List

Date:  Thursday June 8 from 7 to 9 pm

Registration Fee: $60.00

Kit Fee:  $50.00

Class Overview: this is such fun as you never know what your dyed fabric is going to look like so it is a wonderful surprize once the ice has all melted! Dye quilting cottons, cotton/rayon/bamboo knits to create one-of-a-kind quilting or garment fabrics. Easy, fun and very creative!



Class: Master Machine Embroidery Fundamentals (Hybrid)

Click here for Master Machine Embroidery Fundamentals Supply List

Date:  Friday June 9 from 9 am to 4 pm 

Registration Fee:  $135.00

Kit Fee: $40.00

Class Overview:  Review & master the basics required for machine embroidery: correct stabilizing, hooping, hints and tips for success, how to fix “boo-boo’s”; specialized techniques such as embroidered lace, piecing and applique in the hoop, embroidery on towels, etc. PLUS embroider a couple of small projects to try out these skills: a kitchen towel, ITH sleep mask and an ITH pieced quilt block.  All machine brands welcome.


Class:  In the Hoop Zipper Projects (Hybrid)

Click here for In the Hoop Zipper Projects Supply List

Date:  Saturday June 10 from 9 am - 4 pm

Registration Fee:  $135.00

Kit Fee: $30.00

Class Overview:  You will become a big fan of projects made completely in the hoop of your embroidery machine during this class - including the zipper! We will make (1) a fully lined, cross body zipper bag; (2) a cute little key chain zipper baggie perfect for a USB stick or a lip balm; and (3) a small round zipper baggie for coins, medication or your phone earbuds.  All machine brands welcome.



altMichelle Miller's Classes




Class: The Art of Upcycling 

Click here for the Art of Upcycling Supply List

Date:  Monday June 5 from 9 am to 4 pm

Class Registration:  $135.00

Class Overview:  Learn how to turn something old into something new.  This class is sure to get your creative juices flowing as you learn many options of turning your treasured or found items into something new.  Explore the many options including making a classy apron from a special shirt, bags out of denims or wools and  much more.  The possibilities are endless.


Class:  Knitted Wire Jewelry

Click here for Knitted Wire Jewelry supply list

Date:  Tuesday June 6 from 9 am to 4 pm

Registration Fee: $135.00

Kit Fee: $25.00

Class Overview: Create beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces with wire and beads, using basic knitting and or crocheting techniques: it is quick and easy.  In this class you will make a beautiful knit wrist cuff bracelet


Class: Rug Hooking Basics

Click here for rug Hooking Basics Supply List 

Date:  Thursday June 8 from 9 am to 4 pm

Class Registration:  $135.00

Kit Fee:  $65.00

Class Overview:  Learn how to make hand hooked rugs with the same methods used in the 1800's.  You will learn how to plan and design an aged looking, primitive style rug to be hooped on burlap or learn the basics while working on a precut kit. Traditional dyeing and finishing techniques will be explored.  


Class:  Bees Wax Food Wraps

Click here for Bees wax Food Wrap supply list

Date:  Friday June 9 from 1 to 4 pm

Class Registration - $75.00

Kit Fee $25.00

Class Overview: Learn to make your own reusable waxed food wraps.  You will learn this simple technique while making a variety of sizes and shapes





altDianne Jansson's Classes




Class: Value Takes To The Road

Click here for Value takes the Road Supply List

Date: Friday June 2 from 9 am to 4 pm 

Registration Fee: $135.00

Class Overview:  For many quilts to be successful, value is more important than colour.  This simple quilt, based on a Norwegian pattern, relies on value to create the overall pattern.  Once the blocks are sewn, they can be used to create many different layouts.  



Class: Mariners Compass

Click here for Mariners Compass Supply  List

Date: Saturday June 3 and Sunday June 4 9 am to 4 pm 

Registration Fee: $240.00

Kit Fee:  $65.00 includes book and ruler

Class Overview: This is an introduction to Robin Ruth's STRIP Pieced method for sewing mariner's compass designs.  Class includes the 16 point Skinny Robin book and ruler.  After many years of drafting my own mariner's compass blocks, I found this method delightfully simple.  The ruler allows you to make blocks from 6" to 36", with the book showing several different designs. 


Class: Scintillating Scarps

Click here for Scintillating Scrap Supply List

Date: Monday June 5 and Tuesday June 6 from  9 am to 4 pm 

Registration Fee: $240.00

Class Overview:  Every true quilter, whether they admit it or not, has a collection of fabric scarps.  Some of the most fun and best loved and used quilts are made from scraps.  The variety of patterns that can be adapted for these quits are endless.  Bring your buckets and bags and fabric pieces and learn to create a successful scrap quilt.  Many methoods will be explored. 


altHeather Grover's Classes




Class: Encrusted Embroidery

Click here for Encrusted Embroidery Supply List

Date: Tuesday June 6 from 9 am to 4 pm

Registration Fee: $135.00

Kit Fee: $20.00

Class Overview: Encrusted embroidery class- exploring dimensional stitching to create textures found in nature. Barnacles and moss will be the focus. 



Class: Dryer Sheet Leaves

Click here for Dryer Sheet Leaves Supply List

Date: Wednesday June 7 from 9 am to 4 pm

Registration Fee: $135.00

Kit Fee:  $25.00

Class Overview:  Dryer sheet class; Finished project size is 24”x24”. This fun class uses painted dryer sheets to create faux leaves and is mounted on a leaf sun print. We will learn how to trapunto in this class.






Class: Silk Fusion

Click here to download Silk Fusion Supply List

Date: Thursday June 8 from 9 am to 4 pm

Registration Fee: $135.00

Kit Fee: $35.00

Class Overview: Silk Fusion is a technique where silk fibre are bonded together to create a silk like paper that is very durable. It is often used to create journal covers, boxes and bowls.  2 pieces will be made in class  and can be used as journal covers ,art cards, bookmarks . 



Class: Landscape  FULL

Click here for Landscape Supply list 

Date: Friday June 9 and Saturday June 10 from 9 am to 4 pm

Registration Fee: $240.00

Kit Fee: $10.00

Class Overview: In this s 2 day class you will be creating creating a scene of your choice from a photo or picture( could be rural, underwater or city scape) using fabric and fibres. Students should have a free motion foot( darning foot) and some experience or practice with this foot before class. Some thread painting will be explored in this class. I can be reached at h.grover@sasktel.net for anyone who wants advise about their image




Jan Bones' Classes





Class: Kimono

Click here for Kimono Supply List

Date: Friday June 2 and Saturday June 3 from 9 am to 4pm

Registration Fee: $240.00

Kit Fee: $14.00

Class Overview: The Kimono is created from rectangular shapes. It may be any length, it may be  any weight of woven fabric and has various sleeve ideas.. The Kimono may be your after-shower-wrap, a bathing suit cover up, a simple jacket or an elegant piece of evening wear. In this workshop you will learn many sewing techniques to add to you sewing joy!  The kimono is easy to wear, fun to make and the fabric possibilities are endless. Fabrics may be mixed and matched. Select quilting cottons, light weight denim, stripes, fancies and beyond!. Bring an assortment to class from your stash and we will figure it out together.                                                                                                 

Class:  Zip Front Bra 

Click here for Zip Front Bra Supply List

Date: Sunday June 4 from 9 am to Noon 

Registration Fee: $75.00

Kit Fee: $30.00

Class Overview: Complete the Zipper Front T- Sport Bra in this class & learn various seaming techniques to sew 2 way stretch fabric.  Experience how to use elastic to create shape & fit. Also learn one of Jan`s interesting zipper application methods! Students will sew on their own pre-cut sports bra kit from The T-Sports Bra Pattern by Jan Bones.




Class:  Smoothie Pantie

Click here for Smoothie Pantie Supply List

Date:  Sunday June 4 from 1 - 4 pm

Registration Fee:  $75.00

Kit Fee: $25.00

Class Overview:  Do you want to learn how to create a great pair of comfortable panties you will make again and again? Learn how to select the correct size, how to sew seams with your sewing machine and how to measure & sew elastic accurately. The “Smoothie” Pantie has a good fit, it ‘smoothes’ you out a little and the light weight 2-way stretch fabric feels great. Come join in on the fun!                                                                


Class:  Draping on a Dress Form

Click here for Draping on a Dress form Supply List

Date:  Monday June 5 from 9 am to 4 pm

Registration Fee: $135.00

Kit Fee:  $10.00

Class Overview:  Have you ever wrapped fabric around your body, looked in the mirror and wondered what it might be or what you could do next? Draping is the answer. Draping is the art of creating clothing on a dress form or a real body, no pattern required! Our bodies are round, curved, flat and angled, all at the same time and with draping techniques you will learn how to fit fabric to the body. 

Join Jan to create clothing experiments on a dress form. Learn how to design well placed seam lines, attractive necklines, smooth dart shapes & attractive silhouettes. This hands on class will give you the confidence to do fitting, designing and creating the unexpected !!

NOTE:  Upon request, Jan will happily loan you a ½ scale dress form to use in class or you are welcome to bring your own form to the workshop.


Bonny Voice's Classes

Class: Uncomplicating Pieced Borders

Click here for the Uncomplicating Pieced Borders Supply List

Date:  Wednesday June 7 and Thursday June 8 from 9 am to 4 pm

Class Registration:  $240.00

Class Overview:  Pieced borders are eye catching and frame a quilt in a most pleasing way.  In this hands-on class you’ll design, sew and fit a pieced border on to a quilt body that you bring to class. We'll discuss border ideas, colour, fabric and proportion consideration.  How to fit the border onto your quilt body and other consideration when making a pieced border will be explored.



Class: Chicago Jacket

Click here for Chicago Jacket Supply List 

Date:  Friday June 9 and Saturday June 10 from 9 am to 4 pm

Class Registration:  $240.00   

Class Overview:  The sewing Workshop patterns are innovative and timeless.  The Chicago Jacket is no exception.  Its interesting lines and clever construction are hallmarks of Linda Lee’s designs.  The Jacket is unlined and has raglan sleeves.  You will be sewing your jacket in class.  Variations to the design will be discussed, sizing support is included and construction techniques demonstrated along the way. This Jacket is styled to look great on every figure.


Marci Baker's Classes









CLASS: Binding your Quilts

Click here for Binding your Quilts Supply List

DATES: Saturday June 3 from 9 am to 4 pm

Class Registration: $135.00

Kit Fee:  $10.00

Class Overview:   Frustrated with your bindings? You don’t have to go under cover as a secret agent to learn the ins and outs of making a perfect binding because Marci reveals her information during this class.  We will discuss the causes in order to avoid the pitfalls of common binding problems like, rounded, pointed or tucked in corners, lumpy finishes and bindings that are not filled to the edge. Machine and hand finished bindings will be explored  While making your own sample you will find out how bias grain, double-fold strip width, mitered corners and a smooth ending all come in to play.  I am looking forward to sharing the hints and tricks that solve the mysteries of binding and make the process rewarding!


CLASS:  ABC 3D is easy as 123

Click here for Tumbling Blocks and Roll of the Dice Supply List

Click here for Honeycomb Waffle and Hollow Cube Supply List

Dates: Monday June 5 from 9 am - 4 pm

Class Registration: $135.00

Class Overview: Learn how fun these designs can be made without set-in seams and easy selection of fabric values to create the illusion of 3D. With over 25 years teaching these designs, Marci covers the projects in-depth with many tips to make all of your quilting even easier. Choose from Tumbling Blocks or Roll of the Dice (aka Inner City or Downtown) or from Honeycomb Waffle or Hollow Cube. The guys really like these designs so if you are looking for the perfect project for the man in your life, this is a great class to get you started.


Class:  Wonderful One Patch Quilts

Click here for Wonderful One Patch Quilts Supply List

Date:  Wednesday June 7 from 9 am - 4 pm

Class Registration: $135.00

Class Overview:   A wide variety of designs can be selected for this class.  Using triangles, diamonds, quarter hexagons, and more,  each project uses one of these shapes and creates a unique  design. Using either scraps or planning the design and  cutting strips, the quilts can be made to your own style.


Kate Atherley Classes

Class:  Lace 101 

Click here for Lace 101 Supply List

Date: Thursday June 8  from 9 to Noon 

Registration Fee: $75.00

Class Overview: 

An introduction to the magic of lace knitting. Through swatching, we explore different types of stitch patterns, and how to work them. We also talk about how to read patterns, making sure you’re confident with both written and charted instructions. We’ll also talk about how to identify, fix and prevent mistakes, and provide tips for making lace easier and more fun. If you’ve got a lace project you want to tackle, bring it so we can make sure we work on the skills you need. Skill level: advanced beginner and up- knitters need to be proficient with knit, purl, and comfortable with increasing and decreasing

Class:  Cable Knitting Masterclass

Click here for Cable Knitting Masterclass Supply Class

Date:  Thursday June 8 from 1 to 4 pm

Registration Fee:  $75.00

Class Overview:  Suitable for knitters with some cable experience, this class takes your skills to the next level. We’ll create a sampler, playing with a wide variety of cable patterns and stitches: knit/purl versions, uneven cables, reversible one, slip-stitch variations. We’ll show you how to work without a cable needle, speeding up the process. We’ll share tips for making cables fabrics more tidy. And along the way we’ll also review chart and pattern reading, and teach you how to fix mistakes. We’ll also touch on designing and customizing cable patterns. skill level: knitters must have some cable-knitting experience


Class: Introduction to Brioche 

Click here for Intro to Brioche supply List

Date: Friday June 9 from 9 am - Noon

Registration Fee: $75.00

Class Overview: Brioche knitting uses a simple and clever technique to create beautiful fabrics – deep ribs and fascinating colourwork. It’s particularly effectively in two colours, and is an excellent way to tame a busy variegated yarn. This class covers the skills for working brioche patterns, including reading the sometimes-complicated instructions, and fixing mistakes. Knitters will leave with a one-of-a-kind shawl or scarf project well underway. Skill level: no specific skills required, but knitters must be very confident with increasing and decreasing


Class: Custom Mittens

Click here for Custom Mittens Supply List

Date: Friday June 9 from 1 to 4 pm

Registration Fee: $75.00

Class Overview: Winter is coming! It’s never too early in the year to prep for the cold weather. We’ll show you how to create a custom mitten – regular or fingerless! - for any hand, and any yarn. Use up your stash and keep your friends and family warm. Along the way we’ll share tips for making hand-mittens as warm and possible – from yarn choice to lining strategies, and help you deal with problem areas like ill-fitting or holey thumbs.  Skill level: intermediate – knitters should ideally have made a pair of mittens or two


Class:  Yarn Substitutions

Click here for Yarn Substitutions Supply List

Date: Saturday June 10 from 9 am to Noon

Registration Fee:  $75.00

Class Overview: Mystified by all these terms - double knitting, worsted, aran? Unsure whether fingering is a potato or a yarn? Wondering why you should care about whether a yarn is superwash or not? How do you go about finding a substitute yarn for a pattern? Why shouldn’t you use cotton for cables? Suitable for newer to intermediate knitters, this class will explain yarn terminology, and build your knowledge of types of yarns and fibers. We will dive deep into the topic of yarn weights and gauge, giving you foolproof and easy ways to check and get gauge for a pattern – along the way explaining why it matters, when it doesn’t, and what to do if you can’t get it. We’ll also talk about yarn and fiber types, and how they are best used, to help you be a more confident yarn shopper and knitter. We’ll touch on the challenging topic of yarn colouring, discussing how a self-striping yarn is different from a variegated, and sharing tips on how to “read” a skein to get a sense of how it’s going to knit up.

skill level: all


Class:  Intro to Colour Work

 Click here for Colour Work Supply LIst

Date:  Saturday June 10 from 1 to 4 pm

Registration Fee:  $75.00

Class Overview: Fair Isle, Intarsia and Slip-Stitch Knitting description: Learn how to work with multiple colours in your knitting, in multiple ways. We’ll start with stripes, then progress to Fair Isle, showing you how read the patterns and charts, and to handle two yarns, whether you work English or Continental, one-handed or two. I’ll demonstrate how (and why) to handle long floats, and how to make sure your fabric is tidy and even. We’ll also tackle Intarsia and slipped stitch colourwork, demonstrating the key differences in techniques required for these other colourwork methods. Along the way, we’ll cover chart reading, how to manage your yarns, and the importance of blocking – and how to do it. skill level: adventurous beginner and up - knitters need to be proficient with knit, purl


Shelley & Bernie Tobisch Classes






Class:  Thimble Quilt - The Art of Hand Piecing with Transparent Rubber Stamps

Click here for Thimble Quilt supply List

Date:  Friday June 2 from 10 am - 4 pm

Registration Fee: $135.00

Class Overview:  Hand piecing is making a resurgence. Quilters around the world are taking time to slow down and enjoy quiet hours creating anytime, anywhere. Hand piecing is portable, uncomplicated and extremely enjoyable. Marking shapes with transparent rubber stamps means there is no complicated measuring. The stitching line and seam allowance are stamped onto the fabric. This provides consistent quarter inch seams which eliminates the need to trace around templates thus saving loads of time in the preparation process. These shapes can be cut out with a rotary cutter or scissors. The stamps are transparent which makes fussy cutting trouble-free! Working with the running stitch is simple. Since we only stitch through two layers at a time creating precise points and exact matches is easy and very satisfying. Sign up today and become a member of the hand piecing revival!

Class:  Quilting Basics - Easy Pin-less Piecing and Press as You Go

Click here for Quilting Basics Supply List

Date:  Saturday June 3 and Sunday June from 10 am to 4 pm

Registration Fee: $240.00

Class Overview:  Join Team Tobisch in this fun and informative class. During class you will be led through the entire Easy Pinless Piecing and Press as You Go process while creating a colourful Sorbet block. Discover new tools and techniques that make piecing with accuracy fun and easy. This class is designed for all piecers, whether a confident beginner or experienced quiltmaker



Class:  Build a Better Relationship with your Sewing Machine

Click here for Supply List for Build a Better Relationship with your Sewing Machine

Date:  Monday June 5 from 10 am - 4 pm

Registration Fee:  $135.00

Class Overview:   If you need relationship counseling with your machine, then this class is for you.  Learn what your sewing machine is trying to tell you and also how to tell it what you want.  Unravel the mystery of tension, learn light maintenance, and understand the importance of the right foot.  Get closer to your machine and spend more time focused on your sewing,  less time frustrated. Together we will address tension, feeding of fabric, needle and thread choices and do some fancy footwork! This class is based on Bernie's book You and Your Sewing Machine and a copy in class would make a great resource.



Class:  Build a Better Relationship with your Serger

Click here for Supply List for Build a Better Relationship with your Serger

Date:  Tuesday June 6 from 10 am - 4 pm

Registration Fee:  $135.00

Kit Fee:  $15.00

Class Overview:   Do you feel like you're having a communication problem with your serger? Yesterday it was behaving and today it's not! Maybe this relationship needs some counselling? Let Bernie be your facilitator to guide you to a better understanding of this sometimes vexing but valuable tool in your sewing room. Learn how to trouble shoot and to understand what it is telling you when it balks at a task. This is a fun, information-filled class where you will learn how to take control and rid yourself of frustration.  We will cover basic maintenance and techniques that will have you using your serger with renewed confidence!


Class:  Turned Edge Machine Applique 

Click here for Supply List for Turned Edge Machine Applique

Date:  Wednesday June June 7 from 10 am - 4 pm

Registration Fee:  $135.00

Class Overview:  Have you have always wanted to try turned edge machine applique? Then now is the time to learn how. Working with the amazing Apliquick products you will learn how easy it is to turn seam allowances while creating simple shapes and achieving great results. You will also learn how to prepare your fabrics for applique, how to handle convex and concave curves, inner and outer points, circles and much, much more. The fun doesn’t stop there, learn how to set up your sewing machine for beautiful applique from the right needle and thread to the best foot for the job. Join us and make a flower or two in a fun class while creating beautiful machine applique the Apliquick way!



Class:  Caring for your Fantastic Featherweight 

Click here for Supply List for Caring for your Fantastic Featherweight

Date:  Thursday June 8 from 9 am - Noon

Registration Fee:  $75.00

Class Overview:   Join Bernie in this fun and informative class and learn how to give your Singer Featherweight the TLC it needs. Learn about oiling, belt tension, motor brushes, tension calibration and more. Int the process you will be giving your beloved machine a supervised tune-up. Bernie will have common replacement parts available just in case they are needed. Please note this class is for Singer Featherweights only. No other older straight stitch machines, please!


Class:  Colour Confidence for Creatives

Click here for Supply List for Colour Confidence for Creatives 

Date:  Friday June 9 from 9 am to Noon

Registration Fee:  $75.00

Kit Fee:  $15.00

Class Overview:  Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes selecting color and prints for your quilts? If you answered yes, this class is for you. Join us in this hands-on colour mixing class. Working with the same primary colours used in the textile industry, you will see with your own eyes, what two and three colours mixed together actually look like. Through the process of creating a simple colour wheel you will learn about primary, secondary and tertiary colours. While filling in simple shapes you will learn about colour harmonies and how to use them to create emotions from calm to exciting in your quilts. During class we will take a stroll through the store and look at the many varieties of visual texture on the shelves. Through this you will learn how to combine small, medium and large prints along with solids, stripes and polka dots. Through the process of mixing your own colours and understanding how to combine a variety of visual textures you will gain the knowledge you need to select colours and prints for your next quilt with confidence. 


Class:  Free Motion Quilting with your darning foot and/or your Stitch Regulator

Click here for Supply List for Free Motion Quilting

Date:  Saturday June 10  from 10 am - 4 pm

Registration Fee:  $135.00

Class Overview: From simple doodles to beautiful feathers learn the skills you need to free-motion quilt with confidence.  Learn how to set up your machine, select the best thread, needle and foot for the job and much more in this fun and information packed class.  The class is designed for all quilters, whether a confident beginner or experienced quiltmaker.



Melissa Marginet Classes





Class: Quilting with your Walking Foot (Hybrid)

Click here for Quilting with your Walking Foot Supply list

Date: Friday June 2 from 9am to 4 pm

Registration Fee: $135.00

Class Overview:   As a participant in this class, you will make samples of different quilting ideas that can be executed on the home sewing machine with a walking foot.  Not everyone can afford a longarm quilter or wants to have someone else quilt their quilt, and not everyone enjoys free motion quilting.  You will create samples of waking foot designs on small quilt sandwiches to help you understand what makes each design successful.  We will also look at variations of the designs you stitch out.  These samples will be a great reference for you when deciding how to quilt your next quilt.  This class includes information on quilting all sizes of quilts on the home sewing machine.  - ALL LEVELS..  The class is based on Melissa's book Walking foot Quilting Designs which is recommended for the class.


Class: Pixel Perfect, Edge to Edge Quilting (Hybrid)

Click here for Pixel Perfect Edge to Edge Quilting Supply List

Date: Saturday June 3 and Sunday June 4 from 9 am to 4 pm

Registration Fee:  $240.00

Class Overview: Melissa created this class because of her dislike for burying threads.  By quilting edge to edge, unless your bobbin runs out or your thread breaks, you will not have to bury any threads.  but quilting from edge to edge, doesn't mean you are limited to straight lines or following the same pattern throughout the quilt.  You will create a simple pixel quilt with solid fabrics, learning techniques including strip piecing pressing and accurate intersections and will pin base our quilt top to prepare it for quilting.  You will plan your design and quilt your quilt with minimal marking.  you will be using 12wt thread so the quilting will create not only texture, but design on your fabric.


Class: Spiro Quilting with your Walking Foot (Hybrid)

Click here for Spiro Quilting Supply List

Date:  Monday June 5 from 9 am - 4 pm

Registration Fee: $135.00

Class Overview:    

Do you remember playing with Spirograph as a kid? Did you know you can do this with your sewing machine and with very little marking? We will make 4 different designs and then attach them together with a quilt as you go technique and add additional quilting to give it the look of one overall piece that measures approx. 36” x 36”. Previous walking foot quilting experience required.





Glenda Hudson Classes








Class: Intermediate Spinning

Click Here for Intermediate Spinning Supply list

Date:   Saturday June 3 and Sunday June 4 from 9 am to 4 pm

Registration Fee:  $240.00

Kit Fee: $75.00

Class Overview:  Now that you know the basics of spinning, join us to move on to the next step to learn advanced spinning skills, like how to control your twist and fancy techniques. 




Sarah Rorquist Class

Class: Artistic Edge Cutter Basics (Hybrid)

Click Here for Artistic Cutter Basics Supply list

Date:  Friday June 2, from 9 am to Noon

Registration Fee:  $75.00

Class Overview: In this class you will learn the basics of the Artistic Edge Cutter and software including working with with vinyl and making t-shirts, bags and writing on cups or water bottles.   You will learn how to download designs and how to get them into the program easily and how to get m on the product you want to make.  We will provide a bag for you to put a design on and the vinyl for the class


Class:  Artistic Edge Cutter - take two .. what's next - make your own project. (Hybrid)


Click here for Artistic Edge Cutter - Take Two Supply List

Date:  Friday June 2 from 1 - 4 pm

Registration Fee:  $75.00

Class Overview:  In this class we will go into making more complex designs and you will have the opportunity to create your own project.  If you want to print on a t-shirt, bottle, mug or anything else, please bring that with you, along with your laptop and cutter and all accessories.






Diane Dugan Class





Class: Selfie Dress Form

Click here for Selfie Dress Form Supply List.

Click here for Measurement Chart please send this to Diane no later than May 1, 2023.

Date:  Friday June 2 , Saturday June 3 and Sunday June 4  from 9 am to 4 pm

Registration Fee: $350.00

Kit Fee: $60.00 includes digital pattern, printed with instructions

Class Overview: Make yourself a beautiful custom dress form using your own body measurements.  Made completely from cloth and stuffed with poly fil.  You will make a replica of your own body and shape that will make sewing and fitting garments a breeze.