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Jeanette Spornitz and Beverly Johnson's Classes






Class: #0050 Beginner Bra   FULL

Click here to download Beginner Bra supply list

Date:  Monday May 31 and Tuesday June 1 from 9 am - 4 pm

Registration Fee: $189.00          

Kit Fee: $60.00

Class Overview:  ​Make a bra that is custom fit to your body. You will be sewing a basic full band bra (with or without wires) and fine tuning the fit so that you end up with Beverly's own pattern for a perfect fitting bra. Once you have a basic bra that fits, you can make a second bra using lace to really strengthen your bra-making skills.



altClass: #0051 Ingrid Non-Wired Bra FULL

Click here to download Ingrid Non-wired Bra supply list

Date: Wednesday June 2 and Thursday June 3 from 9 am - 4 pm

Registration Fee: $189.00

Kit Fee: $60.00

Class Overview: Our Ingrid is a non-wired bra with support and good looks, without the dreaded collapse of the front, like many ready-to-wear bras have.  This two day class is a perfect class for those new to bra-making as it uses only straight stitch and zig-zag. This is one of the best classes you will ever take. Our Ingrid Non-wired bra pattern is first fitted to your unique body – we will alter the pattern for you – then we teach all the professional bra-making techniques and the tricks to make sewing Ingrid a pleasant and successful experience in construction.


altClass: #0052 Pick-A-Jewel Bra Class FULL

Click here to download Pick-a-Jewel Supply List

Date: Friday June 4 and Saturday June 5 from 9am to 4pm

Registration Fee:  $189.00

Kit Fee: $65.00

Class Overview: This class is based on three of our newest patterns, the Ruby, Sapphire, and Amethyst.   You will pick one of the 3 cut-and-sew foam bra patterns and see all three made in the class. All of these bras (full band fabric, partial band fabric and full band lace) use cut and sew foam for light foam lining without the padded look of pre-formed foam cups. You can even combine the looks so you can make a Ruby/Amethyst combo.  You will learn the tricks of the trade to sew up a foam lined cup so you can “hide the headlights” or to smooth your profile under t-shirts. Cut-and-sew cups have many advantages. Besides being made of a lightweight foam fabric, you can use virtually ANY stretch fabric to cover the cups – even fabrics way too stretchy to use in a regular bra. Best of all, you use your own bra pattern to create the foam cup so all of your lift and shaping is retained. In this class, you will learn the tricks of the trade to sew it up and finish the top edge with a professional look. You must be familiar with the construction of a bra in order to attend this course.​


 altRon Collin's Classes




Class: #0056 Working with Knits  

Click here to download Working with Knits Supply List

Date:  Saturday May 29 from 9 am - 4 pm

Registration Fee: $99.00

Kit Fee: $20.00

Class OverviewUncover great techniques for this knit know-how-to workshop.   Ron will cover tips on layout, marking, cutting, interfacing, thread and appropriate needle sizes and types.  Followed by a hands-on segment on making samples on seam and hem finishes, stabilizing necklines and shoulder seams; plus cool seam finishes for armholes and necklines, closures, buttonholes and more with samples for future reference. Learn how to use a twin needle for decorative seams and hem along with techniques from ready-to-wear using unique presser feet. Come sew the fabric of choice for most people....comfortable to wear, great for travelling, a great staple in your wardrobe and you don’t have to iron it!!! 



Class: #0057 Pattern Alterations & Body Measurements for the Right Fit  

Click here to download Pattern Alterations & Body Measurements Supply List

Date:  Sunday May 30 from 9 am - 4 pm

Registration Fee: $99.00

Kit Fee: $25.00

Class Overview: In this hands-on workshop, you will learn to identify the fitting problems and how to solve them. Ron will show you how to correct fitting problems regarding sloping and square shoulders, large bust, high and low bust, removal of bust dart, broad and upper back, sway back or down-sloping back waistline, large upper arm, tight armholes, flat seat, and many more. We will also take 28 body measurements for you: high bust, low bust, shoulder width, sleeve length, back waist length, pant and skirt length...plus more...a total of 28 body measurements. Every student will have an alteration package at the end of class showing all the alterations that they have done. Ron will give you the inside answer on what pattern companies run larger and which ones tend to run true to measurements. He will also explain how much wearing ease you need in all garments from close fitting, fitted, semi fitted, loose fitted, and very loose fitted. Take the guess work out of trying to choose what size garment by finding the "finished garment measurements" and not using the sizes on the back of the pattern envelope. See the difference in sizing charts in major pattern companies and how to choose the right size for you and how to avoid disappointment in fitting.

Class: #0059 Master Construction Techniques

Click here for Master Construction Techniques Supply list

Date: Wednesday June 2 from 9 am - 4 pm

Registration Fee: $99.00

Kit Fee: $15.00

Class Overview: Learn top of the line designer techniques to produce professional results with construction that is simple. See results in an edge treatment that is great for facing that will complete the garment and doesn’t have a single visible stitch.  Sew darts and tucks with only one thread on your sewing machine with no back stitching to give you that designer result. Learn how to perfect the invisible zipper with a smooth seam from the end of the zipper to the continuous seam.  If you love the look of a bound button hole, but were never happy with the results, come and sew one of Ron’s sought after techniques for this posh buttonhole.  You will complete a booklet for future reference.

Class: #0058 Designer Jeans by You 

Date: Tuesday June 1 - 1 - 2:30 pm

Registration Fee:  $25.00

Class OverviewJeans...always in fashion.  Get inspired with Ron's detail in his jeans and jean jackets.  You will learn great techniques from seams, zippers, waistbands and more.  See the different stitches that are used for topstitching and how to use heavy top-stitching in your sewing machine.  He will teach some time saving techniques for professional results in front closures, bar tacking, belt loops, hems and rivets. 


altLiz Thompson's Classes




Class: #0074 Artistic Edge Cutter and Applique in the Hoop

Click here for Artistic Edge Cutter and Applique in the Hoop

Date:  Tuesday June 1 - 9 am - 4 pm

Registration Fee:  $99.00

Kit Fee:  $25.00

Class Overview:  Take this class to review the software included with the cutter, how to use various software and cutter features to cut and applique a charming and practical project.  Learn how to take a shape or design, turn it into an applique-in-the-hoop, prep and cut the fabric using your cutter and then embroider your applique on your placemats with your Janome or Elna embroidery machine. 


Class:  #0075 Put Your Best foot Forward

Click here for supply list for Put Your Best Foot Forward

Date:  Thursday June 3 from 1 - 4 pm

Registration Fee:  $55.00

Kit Fee: $10

Class Overview:  Try out and stitch with a variety of sewing machine feet.  Record settings and stick a sample of what each foot does in your Notes.  Identify feet you may have but don't know how to use. Build skills and put those feet and accessories, which have been gathering dust, to work.



 Class: #0076 Serger Workbook

Click here for Serger Workbook Supply list

Date: Saturday June 5 from 9 am to Noon

Registration Fee: $55.00

Kit Fee:  $10

Class OverviewJoin us for this Back to Basics class where we will review threading, buttons and knobs, and all the various stitch settings for sergers  Learn how to make your serger “sing” & stitch a little sample of each stitch program to stick into workbook.  This is a great skills builder class to banish any lingering serger fears!  If time allows we will discuss optional accessories.



Class: #0077 Coverhem Workbook

Click here for Coverhem Workbook Supply List

Date:  Saturday June 5 from 1 - 4 pm

Registration Fee: $55.00

Kit Fee: $10.00

Class Overview:  Join us for this back to basics class where we will review threading, buttons and knobs and all the various stitch settings for coverhem machines.  Learn how to make your coverhem  "sing" & stitch a little sample of each stitch program to stick into your workbook.   This is a great skills builder class to banish any lingering coverhem fears.  If time allows we will discuss optional accessories. 




Jan Bones' Classes





Class: #0069 Neckline Finishes FULL

Click here for Neckline Finishes Supply List

Date: Tuesday June 1 from 9 am to 4pm

Registration Fee: $99.00

Kit Fee: $30.00

Class Overview: Necklines must be perfectly smooth & even.  Finishes may be invisible or be seen as part of a garment design.  This is a techniques class.  You will sew precut full scale samples to create your own set of neckline examples in both knit & woven fabric.  Learn to create V-necks, round necks, bound edge necklines, scalloped edges, mini band finishes, faced edged and picot edge finishes.  Your sample booklet will be a great reference for your future sewing. 




Class:  #0070 Introduction to Draping

Click here for Introduction to Draping Supply List

Date: Thursday June 3 from 9 am to 4 pm 

Registration Fee: $99.00

Kit Fee: $30.00

Class Overview: Have you ever wrapped fabric around your body, looked in the mirror and wondered what it might be or what you could do next? Draping is the answer. Draping is the art of creating clothing on a body or a dress form, no pattern required. Draping can be very precise or very free. In this workshop Jan will guide you through many draping techniques, allowing your to learn how fabrics can be transformed from flat to shaped, flared, seamed and beyond.  You will love it! This hands on class will give you the confidence to use your dress form for fitting, designing and even creating the unexpected!!



Class: #0071 The Knit Nightie

Click here for The Knit Nightie Supply List

Date:  Friday June 4 - 9 am - 4 pm

Registration Fee:  $99.00

Kit Fee: $30.00

Class Overview:      Sew a Nightie in this class & gain experience in sewing knit fabrics, elastic & lace.  You will learn techniques for successfully sewing seams, applying elastics, making straps, creating beautiful mitered lace neckline, completing hem edges & many other great details along the way.  Jan will show wonderful nighties for your inspiration.  Each student will work on a pre-cut Nightie from the "Camisole & Nightie for Knit Fabric" pattern by Jan Bones.  Students must provide Jan with the required measurement (see supply list for details) by April 15, so that kits can be prepared and shipped to participants.   


Class:  #0072 - Front Closing Bra FULL

Click here for Front Closing Bra supply list 

Date:  Saturday June 5 - 9 am - Noon 

Registration Fee:  $99.00

Kit Fee: $30.00




Class:  # 0073 Smoothie Pantie  FULL

Click Here for Smoothie Pantie Supply List

Date: Saturday June 5 - 1 - 4 pm

Registration Fee: $55.00

Kit Fee: $30.00

Class Overview:  In this workshop you will create a great pair of comfortable panties.  You will want to use your pattern again & again.  Learn how to select the correct size, how to sew seams with your sewing machine, how to conceal crotch seams & how to measure & sew elastic accurately.  The 'Smoothie' Pantie by Jan Bones has a great fit and it 'Smoothes' you out a little with the 2-way stretch fabric! Students are asked to send measurements to Jan by April 15th (see details on supply list).




Ana Buzzalino's Classes

Class: #003 Paintstiks on Fabric

Click here for the Paintstiks on Fabric Supply List

Date:  Friday May 28 from 9 am to Noon

Class Registration:  $55.00

Class Overview:  Come to class to spend a fun and relaxing time making rubbing plates and using them on fabric with Paintstiks.  Explore some ways in which you can use Paintstiks to embellish fabric and create personal prints.  Paintskiks are easy to us as they are creamy and thick.  Different techniques to use the Paintstiks will be shown. Beware: it's addictive!


Class: #004 Rocks & Pebbles & Stones, Oh my

Click here for Rocks& Pebbles & Stones, Oh my Supply List 

Date:  Sunday May 30 from 9 am to Noon

Class Registration:  $55.00   

Class Overview: Ana was born in a small seaside resort and ever since she was a child loved rocks, pebbles and stones.  Still she cannot resist going by a rock without looking at it and wondering if she can find a excuse to keep it.  So it was natural for her to find a way to incorporate these rocks and small pebbles in a quilt.  Join her for this fun relaxing class to make rocks, pebbles and stones and learn two different methods to incorporate them into your art pieces. 



Kate Atherley Classes

Class: #0063 Soxpertise

Click here for Soxpertise supply list

Date: Friday May 28 from 9 to 11 am

Registration Fee: $45.00

Class Overview:  You’ve worked a few socks, now it’s time to expand your skills a bit. In this class you’ll learn how determine size and fit needs, how to choose a good yarn and reinforce for longevity. We’ll address the tricky bits like how to avoid holes at the top of your heel, how to get a tidy gusset pick up, and special cast-ons and cast offs. We’ll talk about both toe up and top down socks, and discuss different heel and toe constructions – and when to choose one over another.


Class: #0064 Fearless Finishing

Click here for Fearless finishing Supply list 

Date: Friday May 28 from 1  to 3 pm

Registration Fee: $45.00

Class Overview:  Many knitters avoid a lot of garment patterns because of the finishing work required, and even the most experienced knitters often have holes in their finishing knowledge – or simply lack confidence about them. The reason is simple: information in books and patterns is often very weak in this area, leaving knitters to try to figure it out themselves. This hands-on workshop demonstrates some practical, useful and sensible finishing skills. Our objective is to dispel a lot of common myths, break down some common sources of confusion, and take the fear out of it. We’ll cover the three key seaming methods – reviewing how to do them and where to use them, including how to set in a sleeve. and we'll talk about picking up stitches, blocking and weaving in ends. 

Class: #0065 Best Methods/Expert Tips

Click here for Best Methods/Expert Tips Supply List

Date: Saturday May 29 from 9  to 11 am

Registration Fee: $45.00

Class Overview: There's a broad variety of methods for increasing, decreasing, casting on and casting off. In this class, I'll review four or five major methods for each, discussing the pros and cons, what they look like, and where they are best used. We’ll also discuss placement of shaping to make finishing easier, and make the finished project look better.


Class: #0066 Pattern Reading

Date: Saturday May 29  from 1  to 3 pm

Registration Fee: $45.00

Class Overview:  Are you finding yourself frequently baffled by your knitting patterns?  There is a whole language system knitting patterns use, and it can be intimidating and confusing.  Learn to read and understand key concepts and language used in patterns:  from  standard abbreviations and common pattern stitches to the significance of gauge and what to do about it, and how to handle things like "decrease 1 stitch either end of every 6th row 10 times".  Knitters are encouraged to ask questions about patterns they are struggling with. 


Class: #0067 Short Row Savvy

Click here for Short Row Savvy Supply List

Date: Sunday May 30 from 9 to 11 am

Registration Fee: $45.00

Class Overview: "Wrap and Turn" is not a dance move, it's a fabulous way to create shapes with your Knitting.  Short rows are used in some sock heels, in shawls to create curves and in garments for bust shaping.  In this class we'll discuss five common methods of working short rows (and hiding them, just as important!): wrap and turn, yarnover, Japanese, German and Shadow.  We'll also touch on how to change one method for another in a pattern.


Class: #0068 No Pattern Custom Fit Hats

Click here for No Pattern Custom Fit Hats Class Supply List

Date: Saturday June 5 from 1 to 3 pm

Registration Fee: $45.00

Class Overview: Make a hat for any head, with any yarn in your stash.  We'll teach you how to work a top-down hat to fit any head, without a swatch! We'll show you how to customize the style and fit - work to a length you want, make it slouchy or fitted, fold-over cuff or beanie style, add custom ribbings and cuff patterns, work with different colors.  Whether you want to make a quick gift or use up your stash, or free yourself from patterns, this class will make you a better and more powerful hat knitter. 





Wendy van der Walt's Classes




Class: #0078 Paper Piecing the Easy Way

Click here for Paper Piecing the Easy Way Supply List

Date: Friday May 28 from 9 am to 4 pm

Registration Fee: $99.00

Class Overview: Have you wanted to attempt paper piecing, but have heard horror stories?  Have you tried, and vowed "never again!"?  This is the class that will change your mind forever!  Join Wendy and learn the no pre-cutting, no guessing,  foolproof way to paper piece those intricate blocks.  We will be making a "Sleepy Fox" block that you can either sew into a cute pillow, or sign up for the "Improvisational Birch Trees" class and create a one of a kind quilt featuring your block.



Class:  #0079 Piecing Improvisational Birch Trees

Click here for Piecing Improvisational Birch Trees Supply List

Date:  Saturday May 29 from 9 am to 4 pm

Registration Fee:  $99.00

Class Overview: Have a fun and rule free quilting day learning how to cut and piece one of a kind birch trees!  No stress, no judgment, no quilt police. This class is fast paced, fun and beginner friendly!




Class:  #0080 The Fabriculous Ball Sack

Click here for Fabriculous Ball Sack Supply list

Date:  Monday May 31 from 9 am to 4 pm

Registration Fee: $99.00

Class Overview: Make your choice of 3 sizes of practical, functional yarn project bags.  Use waxed canvas to create a very sturdy bottom that won't tip over while you are working.  Learn how to put in a interior zippered pocket the very easiest way!  A must for every knitter and one is never enough





Class: #0081 Big Sky Star

Click here for Big Sky Star Supply List

Date: Wednesday June 2 and Thursday June 3 from 9 am to 4 pm

Registration Fee: $189.00

Class Overview: .Are you an intermediate quilter who's interested in expanding your skill set? Maybe you have a collection of special Fat Quarters or Half Yard bundles you've been saving for just the right project? Tried to sew a beautiful star once, and ended up with a big center "boob" and swore never again? This might be the perfect class for you!!! The Big Sky Star is a fresh and fantastic variation of the classic Lone Star Quilt.  While it certainly looks impressive and maybe a little intimidating, when you have the project broken down into steps for you, this show stopping quilt is absolutely achievable.  Wendy will hold your hand through each step, from coordinating fabric placement, to accurate cutting, piecing, pressing and assembly.  After this class, you will never fear bias edges again!




Shelley & Bernie Tobisch Classes

CLASS:  #0082 Essential Quilting Techniques

Click here for Supply list for Essential Quilting Techniques

Date:  Friday May 28 & Saturday May 29 - 10 am - 4 pm

Registration Fee: $189.00

Class Overview: This class will lead you step by step through essential quilting and piecing techniques including how to "Pin-less Piece"  "Press as You Go" stitch in the ditch, easily mark disappearing quilting lines, sew on vinyl, easy and accurate binding techniques and much more.  Join Shelley and Bernie, pioneers of the Pin-less Piecing movement, and learn about new products and new techniques while creating a colourful and versatile sewing machine mat of your very own. 


Class: #0083 Building a Relationship with your Sewing Machine

Click here for Supply List for Building a Relationship with your Sewing Machine

Date:  Sunday May 31 - 10 am - 4 pm

<span style=">Registration Fee: $99.00

Kit Fee:  $5.00

Class Overview:  If you need relationship counseling with your machine, then this class is for you.  Learn what your sewing machine is trying to tell you and also how to tell it what you want.  Unravel the mystery of tension, learn light maintenance and understand the importance of the right foot.  Get closer to your machine and spend more time focused on your sewing, less time frustrated.  Together we will address tension, feeding of fabric, needle and thread choices and do some fancy footwork! this class is based on Bernie's book "you and Your Sewing Machine" and a copy in class would make a great resource. 


Class: #0084 Machine Applique the Apliquick Way

Click here for Supply List for Machine Applique the Apliquick Method

Date:  Friday June 4 and Saturday June 5 - 10 am - 4 pm 

Registration Fee: $189.00

Class Overview:   In this class you will learn how to work with Apliquick Rods, interfacing and adhesive.  You will learn how to prepare fabrics for applique, how to handle convex and concave curves, inner and outer points and how to reverse applique.  You will also learn how to mark your fabric for quilting leaving no marks behind.  Shelley will guide you through preparing and quilting the background square, creating the applique, arranging and stitching it down along with easy binding techniques.  Bernie will help set up your machine each step of the way for best results.  Join us for a fun class and create beautiful applique the Apliquick way!  The finished product looks done by hand not machine. 

altRoberta Wynnyk's Classes




Class: #0093 Tame that Technique

Click here for Tame that Technique Supply List

Date: Sunday May 30 from 9 am to 4 pm

Registration Fee: $99.00

Kit Fee: $25.00

Class Overview: Expand your skills as you learn techniques to construct, embellish and finish your projects. In this workshop you will do hemstitching, rolled hems, piping and texturing, to name a few.  Everyone will walk away with new techniques and tips that will improve your sewing skills, inspire you to create new projects, and love sewing even more! This class is for anyone who loves to sew or wants to learn.  Have all your sewing machine feet and work hands-on whenever you can. All brands welcome.


Class: #0094 Ruler Work Linen Tote

Click here for Ruler work Linen Tote Supply List

Date: Wednesday June 2-  9 am to 4 pm

Registration Fee: $99.00

Kit Fee: $40.00

Class Overview: Ruler work is the hottest quilting technique out there, and you have these new Rulers! Now what?  We are going to spend the day experimenting with your rulers as we quilt a detailed medallion on a panel and then transform it into a fashionable linen tote bag.  We are also going to review different rulers and show you how to quilt with them including concentric circles and ovals, orange peel, clam shells, and borders.  By the end of this class you will have a better idea on how and where to use different motifs for your quilt blocks.  Open to all ruler shapes and machine brands.    



alt     Class:  #0095 Styled in Cork

Click here for Styled in Cork Supply List

Click here for Styled in Cork Kit Order Form

Date: Friday June 4 from 9 am to 4 pm

Registration Fee: $99.00

Kit Fee: $99.00

Class Overview: One of the coolest fabrics on the market is Cork.  You'll find it used in sofas, shoes and our favorite - stylish handbags.  In this class, you will be shown the best feet and sewing techniques offered for sewing on this specialty fabric.  During the class you will confidently begin the construction of your bag with guidance provided and successfully complete your project.   Choose from one of the three styles and produce a custom handbag that you will be proud to wear. If you can sew a straight line, you can make this bag.  Beginner to Advanced. 




Melissa Marginet Classes





Class:  #0085 Pixel Perfect & Custom Edge to Edge Walking Foot Quilting

Click here for Pixel Quilt and Edge-to-Edge Walking Foot Quilting Supply list

Date: Thursday June 3 and Friday June 4 from 9 am to 4 pm

Registration Fee: $189.00

Class Overview:

Day 1  Pixel Perfect - You will created a simple pixel quilt with solid fabrics while learning several techniques that will help you piece your quilts more quickly and produce accurate intersections.  You will also pin baste your quilt to prepare it for quilting by using my technique to keep seams laying the right direction.

Day 2 - Custom Edge-to-Edge Quilting - Quilting from edge-to-edge means no threads to bury but it doesn't mean you are limited to straight lines or following the same pattern throughout the quilt.  In Day 2 you will plan your design using Edge-to-Edge Walking Foot Quilting Designs (book is required for the class) and quilt you quilt with minimal marking.  You will be using 12 wt thread so the quilting will create not only texture, but design on your fabric.  


Class: #0086 Interwoven Art

Click here for Interwoven Art Supply List

Date: Saturday June 5 from 9 am to 4 pm

Registration Fee:  $99.00

Class Overview: Create a beautiful and interesting 18" x 18" art quilt using four fat quarters that weave into each other using a quilt as you go method.  Instructions will be provided to make either a tote bag or a cushion with your Interwoven Art or you can just bind it and display it proudly.




Susan Madu's Class


Class:  #002 Circles, Circles and Gentle Curves

Click Here for Circles, Circles, and Gentle Curves Supply list

Click here for Pattern cover details

Date:  Monday May 31 and Tuesday June 1, from 9 am to Noon

Registration Fee:  $99.00

Class Overview: You will build and refine your quilter's toolkit of essential skills to include curved piecing and machine applique and inset circles to add interest in your quilting projects.  This workshop starts with a gentle curve.  This minimal waste technique is the warm up for 1/4 circles or drunkard path blocks.  Whilst many quilters' have drunkard path blocks in their repertoire, the fabric glue technique can increase their accuracy.  Two different techniques for machine sewn circles with no raw edges.  The circle technique should "match" the size and application in your project.